Helping you make money online with automation


So many great businesses are left as a 'great idea' because the tech part seems too much to deal with.


The most important part of your business, after your idea, is to build an audience.  Because you cannot build a successful business without having an audience to sell to.  Your email list is your gold.  I can teach you how to build an automatic emailing sequence that will inform and nurture your audience, your people want to hear from you - more than you think - with tips, help and connection on AI and all things automation.

I can also build one for one, so if you don't have time to learn the tech then give me the task and I will build it for you.  With your personality and your uniqueness, your emails will be welcomed by the people who want your expertise.


Automating your business will give you the free time to be more creative on YOUR business, no worrying about missing an inquiry and your clients will love the instant service you give them. 

I use messenger chatbots for DM's and they can be built on your website, your Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp!  More than 80% of people now expect a business to have some form for chat help and guidance.

Imagine having a special offer or lead magnet that you can have delivered to your potential client with just ONE word - that's the power of automation. That's a powerful way to help your clients and build your business.
You can add keywords to your Instagram stories and posts that will encourage your audience to engage - the best thing about them?  They are all permission based so no spam!  That's important for the integrity of your business.

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