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We love the life enhancing beauty products available with Younique.  If you need a foundation to give you an even and glowing finish - even covering the redness.. then we have a product that will solve your beauty concerns.  If you need help matching up a color please go to contact and send me a message, I'll be happy to help.


Kudos! Shine like a celebrity.

Make sure you’re the brightest star this holiday season, and glimmer in pure glamour. Whether you’re after just a sprinkle of sparkle or looking to shine bright like a diamond, this buildable glitter eyeliner in White Gold lends a Tinseltown twinkle that will put you at the center of obsession.

In December Kudos you get to choose from:

🎁 DIP AND DRAW™ eyeliner with a LIMITED EDITION "White Gold"

🎁 A choice of:

1. TOUCH À LA MODE Powder Luminizer

2. Cream to Powder Luminizer


🎁 AND a choice from:

1. TOUCH MINERAL Liquid Foundation

2. YOUNIQUE TOUCH Pressed Powder Foundation

3. TOUCH MINERAL Pressed Powder Foundation

A choice of 20 shades with a:


Phew! it's a ton of goodies, use them for you, or for friends, or just for Christmas Gifts. PURCHASE HERE

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