More than just makeup

Younique is a company about far more than just makeup.  

At the Younique Foundation, since its inception in 2014, it has been a refuge of support and healing for women who suffered from sexual abuse as children. Defend Innocence was born out of the foundation’s desire to prevent childhood sexual abuse from happening in the first place. Defend Innocence believes the responsibility to stop childhood sexual abuse rest on parents and caregivers, not on the children themselves. There are always ways you can help to support. Visit the Younique Foundation for more information. 

Educated parents and caregivers can significantly reduce the likelihood of sexual abuse, and it starts with knowing the truth about abuse—what it is, who it happens to, and where it happens. Many widely accepted truths about sexual abuse are false. Help by speaking up, staying informed, and defending your child’s innocence.

You can become a supporter by shopping for products that contribute 100% of sales to the Younique Foundation.  

One of the biggest reasons I love this company is the care and dedication they put towards this Foundation.  As clients and presenters alike we have the opportunity to donate every time we make a sale, from as little as 40 cents.  Not much to make too much of a difference but multiply that by many hundreds and thousands and you have a solution and a way to help.

As the title says #morethanjustmakeup