"I don't have time to watch TV"

This is a phrase I've been hearing more and more lately, now if you're not a fan of the latest series or documentary - I'm currently working my way through Westworld, that's understandable but not having the physical time to sit down with family and escape for a couple of hours is concerning to me.  There are too many people being kept longer at their traditional jobs and it's a trend that appears to be getting worse.  With new technologies coming online ALL the time, jobs, vocations and careers are increasingly hard to come by and even harder to keep.  Not willing to work a 60 hour week - alongside all the 'off-hours' that you're checking your cell phone for emails and message in case you miss something, then someone else will take that job. 

It is becoming the norm with a lot of companies who are now reducing the basic salary and adding in target bonuses and performance related pay. The zero hours contract generation live from hand to mouth - not exactly developing a good working environment, certainly inciting animosity among those employees fighting for every job, be it bike delivery service or a call center where number of calls and duration are the basis of being paid and not the service offered or the problem solved.

This is one of the reasons I love the network marketing model, certainly it is performance based from the get-go but, because your up-line has a vested interest in how well you do, there is total support from a training perspective to a level of personal interest and well-being that is becoming more and more absent in traditional roles.  The support network offered can extend to hundreds of people and even to people not in your team and even, not in your industry.  Women are becoming the architects of massive teams that in turn build massive teams that provide customer service, friendship and honest reviews of products and services.  Products and services that are increasingly disappearing from the high street and shopping malls of the world.  Every day we hear of mainstay stores closing down and laying off thousands of people.

The future has to be in us all working individually, within these companies.  Yes, we will all be selling to each other and that will provide financial security as well as enabling young mothers to stay home with their children and people who have elderly parents to care for without the huge price tag of care.  

And of course, no price tag can ever mitigate the loss of time with loved ones and children.

It is for me one of the benefits of how I spend my working life.  If you would like to explore how you can start your own side-gig, online business, work from business then contact me and we'll look at all the options.