Don't be a faker!

In these days of fake news, it’s not surprising that the rise in fake beauty products has also taken an ugly turn in our world. The amount of fake counterfeit makeup is out of control and getting harder than ever to distinguish between the good, the bad and the plain ugly!

I was well aware that when a company launches a successful line, the chances are high than some unscrupulous people will want to take full advantage and “make a killing”.  While this is a term associated with good business – in the counterfeit world it could literally kill you.

It doesn’t stretch the imagination too far to realize that the people making counterfeit products are probably not chemists with degrees and knowledge of mixing foundation and eye shadow and mixing fragrances! The people that jump on the success of bona fide companies have no scruples about what they add to the mix.

So brace yourself as I tell you what you can expect to find in these counterfeit products.

On a chemical level:

Mercury – it’s highly toxic and can harm the heart, kidneys, immune system, lungs, and brain. Not to mention the skin rashes, muscle weakness, headaches, and insomnia. If it’s used in eye makeup, there’s a horrifying possibility that it can permanently damage your vision.

Lead - builds up in the human body over months, leading to lead poisoning. In adults, lead poisoning can cause memory loss, joint and muscle pains, and headaches.  If you’re pregnant the risk of miscarriage or premature birth is in the future. 

Beryllium – this highly toxic element can lead to a sensitization immune response and can over time develop chronic beryllium disease, affecting the lungs.

Arsenic - Long-term exposure has been linked to bladder and kidney cancer in addition to cancer of the liver, prostate, skin, lungs, and nasal cavity.

Aluminum – In a world where many of us are turning away from aluminium content found in products such as deodorant, there is a dangerous amount of it in fake makeup.  It’s a neurotoxin, so ingestion can lead to tiredness, memory fog, bone disease and even dementia among many other other problems. It can accumulate in body tissues and the brain, which is the biggest reason why so many of us are trying hard to eliminate it from our lives.

Even paint stripper has been found in some of the counterfeit mascaras and liquid eyeliners which will cause chemical burns, irritation and vision problems.

On a human level:

Bacteria – Counterfeit makeup is made in back rooms, and filthy, small factories with no quality control whatsoever!  When bacteria is everywhere it can easily contaminate any products the workers are mixing up.  It’s coming from dirty surroundings and  from workers’ unwashed and un-gloved hands. One bacteria that has been found and identified in fake cosmetics is e. coli (Escherichia coli) which can cause severe diarrhea, as well as kidney failure and anemia. Some of the e. coli strains that have been found can also cause urinary tract infections.  It is spread through fecal matter and with no sanitary practices among the people producing fake makeup, the spread of e. coli comes as no surprise.

Counterfeit fragrances have been found to contain something called DEHP, classified by the Environmental Protection Agency as a probable human carcinogen. These fake fragrances, which sometimes contain urine as well, have been known to cause serious skin rashes. In other words, fake perfume brands may contain human pee!  A truly horrifying thought.

So next time you’re shopping online, make sure you buy the real product!  If it seems too good to be true it usually is.  I’m all for saving money but when it comes to your health no amount of saving by buying counterfeit products is worth it.

With Younique products from a reputable independent presenter not only are you getting personal and guided service, but if you choose a product that doesn’t suit you can return it or exchange it.  We love our ‘Love It’ guarantee and we want you to know we love our clients and our company just as much.