Should you even bother with makeup?

As some of my Facebook followers will know, when I first started my foray into makeup and more particularly making it a business, I was asked by an acquaintance - probably the best description of someone who knew me in passing and was only 19 - why did I bother with makeup, isn't it only young people who love makeup?  

Not a high point for any woman and especially not for me, I had been feeling increasingly invisible, what with the menopause and all.... Well anyhow I gave it some thought because she hadn't meant it in a cruel way more a matter of fact way.

It's one of the reasons that I think a lot of women should wear makeup, and no not just because I sell it, but rather for the life enhancing moments it gives you.

I was recently reading through Sarah Ban Breathnach’s Simple Abundance - every day spiritual wisdom.  I have heard that Oprah is a huge fan of hers, I just loved what she had to say about makeup:

But gradually I noticed a difference in the way I felt about myself without makeup. When I put it on I liked the reflection in the mirror. When I didn’t, I rarely looked. I began to become aware of the fact that looking your best, working with what you have and bringing out your natural beauty with makeup was not as superficial a goal as I had originally thought. Makeup was simply a tool to make me look my best. When I looked my best, I felt better. When I felt better, I had more energy and accomplished more and was more outgoing. When I accomplished more and reached more to others, they responded positively and my self esteem grew.

Making up my face began a self-affirming cycle of acceptance. But more importantly it became a ceremony of self-nurturing. I began to see that the ten minutes I took in the morning to put my best face forward for myself and not the world was a small but authentic way of nurturing my authenticity. Even the ritual of putting makeup on when it comes from the heart can be spiritual. Today when you glance in the mirror bless the face that stares back at you and put some lipstick on.

Isn't that just lovely?  I have always noticed that I am taken more seriously when I have makeup on and believe me I have tested the theory on many occasions. 

So I want to know, what feelings do you have when applying and wearing makeup?

Leave your comments below, I'd love to know your views.

All the best - Geraldine