A life filled with fragrance

One of the joys of life is the connection between smell and memory. 

Bacon frying will forever remind me of a cherished and long gone, I'm sad to say, Aunt. Nothing is quite like an aroma to set off memories good and bad.  There are probably many fragrances that you can no longer wear, for instance I could never bear the aroma of Opium when I was younger, I even saw a sign on the door of a store imploring any woman wearing it NOT to come in!  I can't say I dislike it as much as I did but I still stick to my favorite aromas; fresh, citrus and usually with vanilla that will be light on my skin.  We all have our signature notes when it comes to fragrance!

Fragrances change the way they smell throughout the day as the scent evaporates of course, so something that you smell on someone else may be great depending on the time you smell it but not necessarily suit you when it gets to the heart notes of the fragrance. Our new Younique fragrances break down into Top Notes - Lasting between 5 and 10 minutes, then Heart Notes which last from 10 minutes to two hours, finally the Base Notes which last from two to five hours.  So it's always advisable to carry around the tester with you for a day to get a full exposure to it.  Getting spritzed as you walk past the 'Spritzer girls' in your local department store will not give you the full picture.  Request a sample from me of our new fragrances!

What are your favorite notes?
Do you save your fragrance for “special occasions”?
Tell me, I'm curious?