Becoming an entrepreneur

I am a strong believer in entrepreneurship....

... particularly network marketing based and I actively encourage women to go into business for themselves.  My slant towards network marketing businesses is based on the low start up cost and the low cost of running the business; with a computer and a smart phone, which most women have and a keen work ethic, it is the fastest way to start earning and building a business.  The low risk aspect of it is unbeatable and the friendship and support that comes within this arena is key to the success.  As you build the business you can decide how much or less time to dedicate.  It’s a low-risk path and will help build your knowledge, self-esteem and confidence.

I know from long experience that entrepreneurship offers women of all ages and ethnicities access to a unique kind of social and economic power as well as a future of financial independence.

It is available to anyone who feels that having control of their business life will enhance their private life and make their families lives better.

Take for instance a woman in her early 20's with a young family, the childcare costs if she wants to go out and work can actually cancel out any earnings made.  So great, you have the sense of achievement from your workplace activities but you hardly spend time with your family.

I also believe that women will work at jobs without any significant pay rise because they are afraid to 'rock the boat' and ask for one. Thus the gender pay gap remains at the status quo.  It’s bad for women and their families.

The other end of the spectrum is the pre-retiree workforce; if a woman has lost a job in her mid to late 50’s the chances of securing another one are difficult.

Take for instance Stella (not her real name).  She worked for 25 years in outside sales for a major publication, hit all her targets, had great health insurance, pension plan and all the benefits that go along with working for a national company.  Cut to today and that company is out of business, closing their doors just before a holiday weekend and texting their staff that they may or may not receive their pay that month!  Stella is now at the age where companies want younger and cheaper staff.  With the implementation of zero hours contracts and more part-time work (so they don’t have to pay health insurance) and you can see how imminent disaster is in a lot of women’s lives.

For other women the pull of taking care of elderly family is having an effect.  If you work from home and online, you can spend time with loved ones and little ones alike.  After all whether you have a one year old baby or an 80+ parent, you want to spend as much time as possible with them.  You can never get those days back.  The only commodity we cannot control is time.

I realize that not everyone is ready or interested in building a business; after all, it requires hard work and dedication. But that doesn't mean you can't start slowly; learning the ropes, building your skills, and getting a real sense of what you are capable of.  The advantages of working with a network marketing company are that you can choose the commodity you have real interest in.  Beauty, home décor, books, kitchen utensils and a myriad of others are sure to interest you.

Choose a company without too many restrictions or fees to keep the costs down and run it in your own time and be authentic to yourself.  After all, the key is providing a product or service to people who are attracted to your way of working and your brand of customer service.

Creating real financial independence for yourself is achievable.  You have to decide what you want, make a plan and stick to it! 

It may not be the path you saw yourself on, at any age, but it can be a path to your future.

It’s time to get going!