Makeup and Menopause

Have you noticed the changes in your makeup and skincare regime due to  menopause?

The changes that take place in your skin, just for a start, can be mild or extreme! It starts to overreact because of the change in hormone levels within your body, sometimes happening over a period of time that you barely notice until the day you 'notice'.  Feeling sluggish, dry and generally not in its usual bloom was my experience.  But, of course, all women are different, and the experience will be sudden for some and gradual for others.

So what can we do to mitigate the affects of the menopause on our skin?

Well, most obvious, is moisturise.  But what if the moisturiser you've been using is not up to its usual job.  I have found that most women have to change their regime - no pun intended and I dislike using the word 'change' about menopause.  But I found that I changed everything! All of it!

Just as hormones during puberty make your skin feel dry while simultaneously being oily and spotty, it's the same during the menopause. You may need a moisturiser that will hydrate skin while controlling oil at the same time. I use the Royalty line, in particular the Royalty Oil Control Mask to control the oil levels in my skin.

Menopausal skin behaves differently because it has less elastine and collagen in it.
With such a lack of these proteins that keep your skin firm and springy, the skin becomes less efficient at absorbing water becoming drier and more absorbent to products
This is why I swear by primer - Touch Glorious Face Primer blends beautifully into skin, use circular motions until primer is absorbed, it will make fine lines and pores less noticeable, and give your make-up a good base to adhere to.

Because, just like hair, skin pigment starts to fade you may have to choose another shade of foundation or BB cream.   If you suffer from hot flashes and prone to redness, look for yellow, rather than pink, based foundations, this will help to bring color down. Younique's Liquid Mineral Foundation has optical diffusers to help blur the appearance of skin imperfections by minimizing the fine lines and pores for a noticeably brighter, more youthful appearance. 
It's made without gluten, soy, parabens, latex, PABA, BPA, and nanoparticles, also not tested on animals. 

Using a brush will help keep the temperature down and limit the transfer of oil from your fingers to your face.  Apply to the centre of your face and blend outwards.  Check out my YouTube channel for tutorials.

Try to look for a foundation that uses a dropper so you never have to contaminate the bottle.
If you use a product without gluten, soy, parabens, latex, PABA, BPA, nanoparticles and preservatives, remember that it has a shelf life.  I never use a foundation over three months old and in fact all make up should be discarded after six months to avoid any nasties.

You may also have dark circles and age spots on your face and for this you should apply, with a brush, a concealer one shade light than your foundation. Apply with a small brush and pat it into the skin, avoid dragging as this will only damage your skin.

When it comes to applying colour to your face, stay clear of blushers that have too much pink! Bronzers are a great option, I use Beachfront Bronzer.  It gives definition, without adding more redness to the face. Bronzer along your jaw line can help give your face the definition that lack of pigment, and lack of firmness,

As we age, our brows may not only get sparser, but can, as elasticity in the skin diminishes, tend to droop.  Avoid the temptation to use anything too dark or heavy, using a dedicated brow product will enhance the brows can help beautifully frame the face and balance features.

If you find that your eyebrows are thinning out a bit, use a serum to help thicken them up.  This serum can be used on eye lashes as well to produce thicker, fuller, longer-looking lashes.

Because as we age the face loses something called 'the luminence of contrast', which means all our features - eyes, eyebrows, cheeks and lips lose definition, blurring the definition of our features which draws attention, it's important to use products to replace that definition.
Lip liner pencils are a must, not only because they define the lips but also avoid your lipstick from bleeding into your face, making it last longer. Using primer on lips can help as well.

What are you biggest issues with makeup and skincare? Let me know and I can give you a consultation online also.

All the best to you - Geraldine



Geraldine Scott