Natural Wedding Beauty

The anticipation of the Royal Wedding last Saturday and Meghan's makeup!

So I just have to say, I love a wedding!  Not just the dress, the church, the music, who wore what, although let me stop right here and say "Whoa! I loved that pale fedora that Gina Torres wore - I want one!

No, for me it's the mood of unbridled happiness and general great form of everyone that attended the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.  So I was anticipating the makeup all morning - would she go super glam?  Or would she, as I hoped, stick to her natural look?

She has such a gorgeous spirit that she only needs to define her eyes and create a fresh look on her face - looking like no foundation was used.  That's the skill of foundation - not too much.  Just enough to cover any blemishes but not too much to look like you're caked in it!

It was elegant, refined and demure enough to allow her personality to shine through and surely this is all any of us wants from our makeup.

Congratulations to them all!