What’s the difference between Setting Powder and Finishing Powder?

This is an often asked question.  The answer can be explained in the way that these individual products work on your face.

A setting powder is ideally used after you apply your foundation. It will help to “set” or hold your foundation in place and prevent it from smudging and rubbing off.  Using a setting powder can also help reduce the sticky feeling and shine that foundation often has after it is applied.

It will help to absorb excess oil and keep that smooth look to your foundation. It is usually translucent so that it doesn’t interfere with your shade of foundation.

Finishing powder is used right at the end – after you have applied your make up and is designed to be applied on top of setting powder and all other makeup. Makeup artists love using finishing powder because it helps make the skin look smoother by hiding pores and fine lines,

Understanding how to use the tools in your beauty kit is very important. Both setting powder and finishing powder can be used to create the smooth, healthy, youthful looking skin people love. The combination of using both can also add glowing undertones to your skin and help you make an impression!  It’s especially effective if you have an oily T section on your face.

I used an SPF 25 finishing powder in the photograph and you can see if certainly creates a smooth ‘finished’ look to your makeup which, if you are a plus fifty woman like me, you’ll certainly love.

Using a powder puff brush is a great way to apply setting powder.

If you need any advice on these products comment below and I’ll be happy to help.