Sunscreen is vital!

Now that summer is well and truly here, ask yourself how often do you use sunscreen on your face, if you use our Royalty Renewing Day Cream then you have an SPF 20 built in.  But what about a day at the beach, or riverside enjoying a picnic? Or playing tennis and swimming? What are you using to top up your protection during the day in the sun?

If you're not slapping on the sunblock products out there that you normally use for body protection, I don't blame you really, I mean who wants the heaviness of a sunscreen on your face, it feels like you're wearing a mask and your skin can barely breathe, and then it can clog up your pores and cause breakouts. 

Happily we now have a broad spectrum 25 SPF powder that you can use as a finishing powder to makeup or as a product directly onto your skin.  It has the added benefit of a flawless finish with the technology to blur fine lines and wrinkles all while protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays!  And because it's a powder, it's not going to melt all over your purse or beach bag.

For the month of June Beauty Glow will have a special offer on this Finishing Powder!  

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Happy summer to all you glowing lovelies!

Geraldine Scott